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International Construction Contracts & Arbitration

Sample Essay 1: The Role of the Engineer von Holger Langer, LL.M.
Discuss whether the distinction between the role of the Engineer as an agent of the Employer and that which makes him independent of the Employer is still useful, and whether and where (and why) it might be abandoned or retained.
Sample Essay 2: Risk apportionment in FIDIC Contracts von Holger Langer, LL.M.
The apportionment of the risks to be borne by the Employer and the Contractor in the FIDIC Conditions of Contract...
Sample Essay 3: Sample Case von Holger Langer, LL.M.
In the course of a dredging contract incorporating the FIDIC conditions (1999 edition – “Red Book”), the Contractor encounters a historic wreck which had not been shown on the contract drawings.
Sample Essay 4: Temrs of Reference von Holger Langer, LL.M.
Disputes concerning an international construction contract are to be resolved by arbitration under the ICC Rules (1998). They involve questions about the validity of decisions of the Engineer...
Types of construction contracts von Holger Langer, LL.M.
The Role of the Engineer von Holger Langer, LL.M.
Arbitration in Construction Disputes von Holger Langer, LL.M.
– practical considerations
Multi-party arbitrations von Holger Langer, LL.M.
Expert evidence & Partial or Interim Awards von Holger Langer, LL.M.