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International Finance Law

Syndicated Loan Agreements I von Holger Langer, LL.M.
The Sydications Process
"Syndicated Loan” – a large number of banks lends funds for a long period to a single borrower
Syndicated Loan Agreements II von Holger Langer, LL.M.
The Role of the Agent Bank
The agent's bank role is to act as agent for the syndicate and not on behalf the borrower...
Syndicated Loan Agreements III von Holger Langer, LL.M.
Structure and Contents
Conditions which must be satisfied by the borrower before the obligation of the lending banks to disburse funds is triggered
Loan transfers von Holger Langer, LL.M.
Usually an inter-bank transaction which enables a bank to transfer an asset on its balance sheet consisting of its participation in a syndicated loan
Legal Opinions von Holger Langer, LL.M.
One of the first and most important roles of the agent bank in an international syndicated loan agreement will be to certify compliance with conditions precedent by the borrower...
Project Finance von Holger Langer, LL.M.
Swaps and Derivatives von Holger Langer, LL.M.